Best Instagram marketing campaigns

Instagram opens the gateway for advanced advertising and promoting brands with compelling and simple marketing campaigns wherein digital marketers have to be very clear in how to connect well with their target audience. By creating powerful and long lasting results, Instagram provides an amount of increased percentage of about 57% when compared to other social networks.


The key relationship between the brand and the brand’s fans roll the stones effectively in a greater manner. Amongst all, Instagram is been named as one of the greatest tools for getting potential followers and fans with exciting business promotions and sale deals.


To a study:

  • 90% of information is transmitted to and observed by the brain is only visual content
  • Visual content reaches the brain and makes the human individual 60,000X faster than that of the plain boring text paragraphs
  • About 50% of people respond well to the visual information (in terms of view, reviews, comments, posts, reposts and shares et al)
  • About 70% of engagements happen through visual content

Do you think wondering that how well your brand can follow suit? Appending below are the best Instagram marketing campaigns that earn success ratio.


  1. Know the target audience

– Knowing the target crew is much important in which the matter of fact lies here that only your target people can enjoy your services & products. That is how your brand could reach out with good popularity across the equators. Try reading out your audience/fans/followers, and try setting the campaign strategy in order to engage them and get back fair amounts of sale conversions.


  1. Find the prime time

– Most of the people found that the time around 2:00 AM and 5:00 PM to be the prime time.

Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays appear to have the most astounding engagement as indicated by the research sources. Measure the number of likes and comments you get for every schedule and make conformities as required. Click on the link to know more about the prime time to make posts on Instagram and buy instagram views.