How to choose the best picture quality for a trail camera?

Hunting with a trail camera, you will want a good picture of the animals that you are tracking. After all, a trail camera’s whole purpose is to capture photos and videos of animals, and you will want the best quality of those photos and videos. So how do you choose the best trail camera based on the quality of picture that it takes? When it comes to the picture quality of a trail camera, there are several things to consider, and these factors are listed below.



  1. Megapixel count

The general rule of the thumb is the higher the pixel count, the better the quality of picture that the camera will take. Check the megapixel count of the trail camera when you are buying it. A good quality camera, with a higher megapixel count, will capture better-looking photos than a camera that has a lower megapixel count. Trail cameras can range from as low as 4 megapixels to 20 megapixels. However, the number of megapixels does not always mean a better picture. You should check the kind of sample pictures that the camera takes. It is only by looking at the sample pictures will you be able to get a clearer idea of the picture quality of the camera.



  1. Picture settings

Trail cameras will also have various picture settings that you can adjust. You should choose a trail camera that has got numerous functions that you can adjust for the picture. The best trail camera will often have a lot of settings which you can choose for the picture, such as adjusting contrast.


  1. Shutter speed

Finally, the speed at which the trail camera captures pictures is also important. If a trail camera has got a slow shutter speed, then it will end up taking blurry photos. If you want a trail camera that captures sharp images and videos, get one that has got a fast shutter speed.