More Key Features to Look for in Table Saws

Are you planning to buy a table saw? You can find several of them in a table saw reviews. It’s important to weigh different issues when reading the reviews. Here are some of them:


  1. Kick Switch

The saw operator can’t always take their hands off the wood piece that they’re cutting without causing a possible safety hazard. Therefore it’s critical that a table saw has a kick switch that can be flipped to “off” with a knee, hip, or foot motion.


  1. Drive Belt Design

A quality table saw contains a drive belt. That’s from the motor to the saw blade. This particular drive belt is the most common cause of a table saw’s vibration. Poly-V belts create less vibration than standard V-belts or wedge belts. If you want the table saw to operate smoothly find a saw that’s built to use a poly-V belt.


  1. Dust Collection

Keeping a workstation/garage clean and without any sawdust is a great feature. It keeps the table lungs of the table saw’s operator free of any sawdust particles. This is important as a safety hazard.


When a table saw has a dust collection system, this doesn’t eliminate all sawdust residue. However, it can help to control the problem to a certain extent. Also, empty the collection bag.


  1. Magnetic Switch

In a switch-equipped saw loses power, the power switch automatically goes to “off.” A standard switch causes the saw to stay in the “on” position and powers up after electricity if restored. In the case the saw lies on a circuit that often trips under very heavy loads, it can cause the table saw to fail.


You can prevent hazards by manually resetting the switch to ‘on.” Such hazards result from the accidental restart of the saw after the power is restored.


These are some of the main issues to consider when the reading table saw reviews.